A big thank you to all who have contributed so far.  We are over 70% of our target.

The appeal is closing on Sunday 28 April

So if you want to help fund these important repairs, or top up any donation you have already made, please do so before the deadline


The organ at St Philip’s is a fine vintage instrument built in 1848. However, the blower (which provides wind for the pipes) is noisy and vibrates - it’s on its last legs and needs replacement. There are notes that sound when they are not being played and some stops don't work or produce peculiar noises.

We need to fix all this with urgency.  It will cost over £12,000

The organ has 88 notes and 27 stops.  We’re inviting sponsorship of :

£100 (£80 plus Gift Aid) PER NOTE

£200 (£160 plus Gift Aid) PER STOP

You can also also sponsor multiple notes.  There are 12 notes in each octave (including the sharps and flats) so you could sponsor half or a full octave!

Gifts can be made through our dedicated CAF page HERE.


Donations can be made in person at the Sunday services by credit card, cash or cheque (payable to St Philip’s Church) - please see Rupert.

You can also donate by bank transfer using the reference “Pulling Out Stops”. 

Our bank details are: Account number: 19114966, Sort code 60-07-14, Account Name PCC St Philip Kensington

Let’s get this work done so Laurence can pull out all the stops. Thank You!

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Any excess donated will be put into the piano and organ fund for future work on these fine instruments

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Fun facts... There have been four organs since the church was built. The first lasted 55 years and was in the original chancel (now the house next door). The second (pictured) was also in the chancel and, although it was much damaged by a shell which blew in the east window in 1940 it was used until 1964. The third organ was reinstated in the specially enlarged West Gallery.  It was too big when the church was reordered in 2001-2003, so it was replaced with the current organ, a fine historic one from St Paul, Dock Street, in the old East End, that closed in 1990.  This organ was installed in our north aisle in 2003, and looks as though it has always been there.

19 February 2024: Update! Work has started to fix the blower - here are some amazing images of inside our organ

Any excess donations received will be put into the piano and organ fund for future work on these fine instruments.