“Through a glass, quietly ...” 

Thank you for your support!

The work has now finished on our amazing new glass doors. We have had magnificent support for this project, both from members of the congregation and from outside grant-awarding bodies. “Come and See … and Hear”!

Thank you for your continuing care and commitment to St Philip’s and all who make up our community. 

The glass door project was given generous support by the following

Veronika Abdian

Lola Ademuwagun

Olu Ademuwagun

Steve Anstis

Frances Arkle

Mallindi Baldassarro

Hugh Berger

Sally Bessada

Andy Biglin

Marius Bogdan Dragan

Jennifer Botsford

Crosby Brown

Toby Brown

Catherine Burnaby-Atkins

Peter Burney

William Cipto

Toby Colls

Simon Cox

Claire Dimpfl

Jo Eade

Susan Forda

Michael & Susanne Forrest

Liz Garrett

Mr & Mrs Green

Ling Guo

Betelhem Habtegabriel

Rebecca Hare

Elisabeth Hensher

Rosamund Hodson

Josephine Honnor

Peninah Kamatsiko

Julia King

Esther Leong

Matthew Livas

Karen Loggey

Chris Luxton

Jamie Mangan

Tina Micklethwait

Charles Micklewright

Evelyn Norman

Lesley Perry

Mark Potter

Diana Von Preuschen

Lesley Raymond

Shirley Reynolds

Caroline Rollag

Anne Steele

Rupert Steele

Chandra Tambimuttu

Petya Todorova

Ragni Trotta

Katsumi Tsutsui

Debby Turner

Philippa Turner

And gifts in memory and celebration of

Alexander Anstis, Daniel Anstis, Vaughan Bryant, John Garrett, Nat Garrett, Rene Garrett, Ben Jorgensen, Helma Leprich, Holly Plant, Oriel Robinson, Richard Sibbald, Max and Judith Steele, John & Margaret Trethewey, Joan Vasiliou, Caroline Hue Williams.

We give thanks to God always for you all, remembering you in our prayers 

Excess donations received were put into the Improving St Philip's fund for use on future improvements to the building.