Diocese of London

Support for Parents

The Diocese of London's children and youth team have begun a series of online sessions for parents, to support them through the Covid 19 lockdown. You can see the first one here featuring Bishop Rob Wickham.

Register HERE for the Tuesday hangout sessions. The next one is Amy Silvester and Ven Richard Frank.

Praying with Children and other Resources

Each week, their children and youth support team will share some simple ideas to help sustain your faith and that of your children. Each activity will take no more than ten minutes to complete.

Alex Taylor is part of the children's and youth team at the Diocese of London. He shares some ideas for praying with children and young people that anyone can try HERE.

A letter to CHILDREN from the Bishop of London can be read HERE

The Church of England

A service of Daily Prayer

Services of Daily Prayer which are available in both contemporary and traditional forms and for all times of day.

Mental health reflections

The Church of England has published a series of reflections on how to cope with anxiety and loneliness in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. The above link gives access to the resources. They have also provided five tips for tackling loneliness and isolation:

Tackling loneliness and isolation

  1. Pray. Light a candle, if safe, and pray for hope, faith and strength to keep loving and caring for each other during this time of struggle.

  2. Talk about how you feel. This may be difficult if you are self-isolating, but do use the telephone, internet, and social media. If you need to contact a counsellor this can be arranged by your GP, or via local agencies, or privately. Samaritans are there 24 hours a day, every day, and it’s free to call them on 116 123.

  3. Focus on the things that you can change, not on the things you can’t.

  4. Look after yourself - physically, emotionally, spiritually. Plan in things that you enjoy at regular intervals during the day – a TV programme, a phone call, a book, a favourite dish, a game.

  5. Look after others. Even if only in small ways, but do what you can: a smile, a kind word, writing a letter or an email.

Roots on the Web

With worship services and groups of all kinds currently suspended, ROOTS is offering free resources for people to use at home.

St Paul's Cathedral

Daily Reflections

During the weeks St Paul's is closed, they will be sending specially-commissioned short reflections from leading Christian writers. Use the link below to sign up.

Family faith learning

For a wide range of activities for families to do during Holy Week click the link below

Being Good News to those Struggling with Money: a new Video Resource

For many people, the Coronavirus crisis & subsequent lockdown have plunged them into “financial shock” leaving them worrying about their money and struggling to pay bills.

Where can church leaders and volunteers start if somoene they know is struggling financially? In this new video resource, Bishop Joanne Woolway Grenfell, Bishop of the Stepney Area in the Diocese of London, chats with Alison Tsang, Capital Mass’s financial capability expert.

They cover:

What government help is available; where to go if you are struggling to pay bills; how to get support applying for Universal Credit; putting together an emergency budget; tackling the very real issue of worry and stress that many people have at this time around their finances.

This video is available for anyone to use and share, and there is an accompanying PDF resource which adds more information and where to signpost people: it can be downloaded here.