Whilst we may be all at home, there is still so much going on in our wider community. Please click the links below for further information.


An online service of remembrance and reflection hosted by Grenfell United. Watch it HERE

A Memorial Service hosted by Relative Justice Humanity, led by Bishop Graham Tomlin and other Faith Leaders can be seen HERE

Tadpoles Nursery

Tadpoles Nursery is open for children of frontline workers in the NHS. If you know of any families for whom this might be helpful, please contact the Head (who is also a St Philips parishioner) Claire Dimpfl at

Families with 5’s and should look at Tadpoles clubs on Instagram iGTV were they are posting stories, games, recipes and songs all delivered by the Tadpoles teachers, including Claire. You can search Tadpoles Clubs IGTV and will find the posts.


We couldn't have supported our community without them!

This is Emma who has delivered food boxes and orders of service to members of the St Philips congregation and community on a weekly basis since the beginning of lockdown (almost 3 months... how can it be that long!!). Thank you Emma. You and our army of wonderful volunteers have been amazing.


This is my contribution to Rogation (Sunday, 17 May 2020) that has appeared in one of my tubs on my roof terrace... It is so exciting when wild flowers arrive!!

I found some blossom on the little bush a week or so ago which I think was apple... I do put apple pips in the pots sometimes!!

Also chives have arrived and the tiny little daisies. I used to plant lots of things years ago but now I just enjoy what comes naturally!

Elizabeth Garrett

A big THANK YOU to Fresh Food for the Frontline and St Barnabas Church

Fresh Food for the Frontline are a charity that provide NHS staff and others - St Philips parishioners included - healthy weekly food box. They are filled with one weeks worth of food: fruit, vegetables, bread, milk, butter and eggs all sourced from farms in the Cotswolds.

"Having been in isolation since early March, I'd like to say thanks a million, for so much shopping to Ros, Jamie and Pippa (tirelessly thinking of everyone) - as well as the Bountiful St Barnabas' Boxes delivered by Roz, and also Simon from St Philips! Chris Luxton

You can help Fresh Food for the Frontline by donating to the crowd funder

A message from the Leader of the Royal Borough

Black Lives Matter: A message from Leader of the Council, Cllr Elizabeth Campbell

I’ve watched the events in the USA over the last few weeks and, like staff at the Council and residents in our communities, I have been completely horrified and sickened by the killing of an unarmed black man by a police officer.

George Floyd’s murder has rightly drawn attention to the issue of racial injustice around the world. And here, in London’s centre, we must pay attention to inequality and injustice. We must oppose racism in all its forms.

Peaceful protesting is a right, it is a freedom, and something that we wholeheartedly support here in Kensington and Chelsea. Strong communities are built on every single voice being heard.

We have all been affected in some way by the Covid-19 pandemic, but it is a fact that BAME communities are most at risk. The need to support each other and look out for each other has never been greater.

Please stick to social distancing, look out for your neighbours, keep each other safe, and let’s continue to support the values that make our borough what it is.

Cllr Elizabeth Campbell

A note from our Abingdon ward councillors:

Our Councillors Cllr Sarah Addenbrooke, Cllr Anne Cyron, and Cllr James Husband have written again to remind us that the council website provides regular updates

What is the Council doing for you?

1. The Council’s dedicated virtual ‘hub’ for over 70s and people with existing medical conditions is now live. That hub will be providing food, supplies and support to vulnerable people.

2. The Council has suspended parking for NHS key-workers on the roads surrounding our world-class hospitals. We want to support our doctors and our nurses, who are doing such heroic work to safeguard vulnerable people.

3. We have announced we will be extending our Hardship Grants to more residents. Read more details about that here .

4. We will be giving £2,500 up-front to small businesses in the borough. The Government’s £10,000 rate relief may take some days or weeks to come through, so we are front-loading some of that cash - to help our high-streets.

5. We hosted a Coronavirus briefing for all councillors last Thursday night. This means your local representatives should have lots of relevant information about how services may be affected and how to avoid disruption.

Frontlime Immune Support Fundraiser

St Philips Parisioner, Ragni Trotta has made a video to promote the campaign Frontline Immune Support which is providing NHS staff with high quality immune support supplements to help keep those on the NHS frontline resilient and strong.

Watch the video and support the campaign here


Thank you to The Evening Standard and Sir Peter Blake for this wonderful initiative. Even in these uncertain times, it's wonderful to see that art and creativity are uniting people and bringing hope.

“A rainbow of hope as London stands together. A bright symbol of a better time to come, and a reminder that although we are being kept apart physically, for now we stand together in spirit, stronger than ever, as a city.” Read the full article and get your own print-out of Peter Blake's Rainbow, HERE

St Philips 'VIRTUAL' Weekly Wednesday fellowship and refreshments

Join us every Wednesday at 10.30am after our Holy Eucharist service for an hour of fellowship and bring-your-own refreshments. Whilst the Church is closed, we will meet online using the Zoom ap. Download Zoom and use The Meeting ID: 985 009 1888.

Community Immunity - a not-for-profit collaboration working to support groups most at risk from COVID-19

What they are doing and why: Their goal is to strengthen the natural defence system against the virus by providing immunity boosting ingredients (at cost price) to local residents and equipping them with the knowledge to integrate these ingredients into their daily diets to best optimise their immune function. Their immunity building teams combine the expertise of nutritional therapy with leading restauranteurs in the local community.

Who they are: Daisy York dipION (student), mBANT: currently studying Nutritional Therapy at the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition and due to qualify in June 2020. For 3 years Daisy has been studying how diet can impact systemic health and have profound effects on our physiology. In keeping with evidenced-based principles, Daisy is eager to share this knowledge with those in high-risk groups who are self-isolating and who could potentially benefit the most from it.

James Chiavarini: local restauranteur whose family has proudly served the community for nearly half a century. James has a thoughtfully curated chain of suppliers who can provide healthful foods to support this initiative.

What they are providing: They will be delivering boxes of nutrient dense immunity boosting foods for 2, 4, or 6 people. In time, boxes will include prepared food from James’s commercial kitchens. Nutrient-rich soups, stews and broths can be made in batches and delivered the same day. Each box will be accompanied by specially prepared information on the nutritional benefits of the contents and ideas for how to incorporate the ingredients into the daily diet. Daisy is on hand to provide people with more general information about immune support for anyone who may be interested.

How they are doing it: The contents of the food boxes are selected by Daisy and James and sourced through James’ restaurant suppliers. James’ restaurant serves as the food preparation hub and boxes are distributed by James and Daisy to the doorsteps of local residents with the support of James’ restaurant team.

Government food safety and hygiene standards will be followed strictly.

Contact Daisy or James on


Please remember we are actively supporting the KENSINGTON AND CHELSEA FOOD BANK, which is part of the Trussell Trust and run by the Notting Hill Methodist Church. They are very grateful for our help - especially NOW! Sadly we can't take donations at Church, but you can donate items at TESCO W. Cromwell Rd, Kensington, London W14 8PB.

Find out more

The Kensington Magazine

Local churches have contributed with their approach to helping all members of the community; they have highlight community initiatives and provide lots of information for how to keep yourself and your families busy even during this period of isolation. Have a look at