It can be daunting having to organise a funeral after a bereavement, especially when the death is sudden and/or unexpected. However compassionate and helpful people are, with emotions running so high, it can be difficult to get your mind around all the necessary details.

The whole concept of saying goodbye to our dearly departed has changed tremendously over the past few years, as tradition has given way to more modern approaches. These days we are less reluctant to discuss this subject, with some people going so far as to plan their own funerals or to at least make close relatives aware of their wishes.

But it is important to consider that when your loved one dies, not to be rushed into doing/organising things. It is important to appoint a funeral director, and at St Philip’s we have excellent connections to local Directors, please call us and we can help you. It is necessary to register the death and if you are local to us you need to go to the Kensington & Chelsea registrar at Chelsea Town Hall in the Kings Road. It is probably best to ring them first to make an appointment; their number is 020 7361 4100.

We all know that funerals are a most difficult time. Some of the stress can be taken out of this by talking with the church as soon as possible, as it is an important part of the pastoral care that your parish church offers you.

When it comes to press notices and cars to the church / cemetery / crematorium ask the Funeral Director to help – they are the professionals.

When someone close to you dies do not struggle on your own; in the event of a death you can call us or email us and we can help.