For years, St Philips has been troubled by traffic noise. And weekday services are disrupted by people coming and going from the halls.

All due to virtually non-existent sound separation at the West end of the church.

A survey of the congregation overwhelmingly backed finding a solution for this as the most important development need for the church.

We now have a project ready to go, which has been approved by the Diocese’s Advisory Committee and is highly sympathetic to the existing look and feel of the church. It involves a lot of glass – 320 square feet to be precise!

There will be a new lobby to contain street noise. We are also going to augment the partition at the West End of the church to make it noise-resistant without changing its appearance.

A grant of £50,000 has been pledged, and we are looking for further grants. Now, we are seeking donations from the congregation to raise £32,000, a £100 for each of the 320 square feet of glass.

Please consider sponsoring one or more square feet of glass for £100 (£80 plus Gift Aid), for yourself, your family, or in memory of somebody special to you.

(Those metrically minded might like to sponsor a square metre - £1,000 or £800 plus Gift Aid).

Please click HERE to donate

“Come and See … and Hear”

Any excess donations received will be put into the Improving St Philip's fund for use on future improvements to the building.