Amazing news! All the lights are now sponsored!

Thanks to EVERYONE who took part.

Brightening up St Philips

We have installed a new lighting system for the Lower Hall.

The system consists of around 60 light fitments, each of which, with installation, cost £80 (or £65 plus Gift Aid).

We would love as many people as possible to sponsor lights and hope to put up a plaque in the hall listing everybody who helped fund the installation.

  • The system is dimmable with four levels of brightness.
  • Even on the brightest level, the new lights use less than a fifth of the electricity of the old ones; this is great for the environment and will save St Philips several hundred pounds a year.
  • The loss of the heat from the old lights will help keep the hall cool in summer.
  • The bulbs will need changing much less often and don’t contain poisonous mercury.

Thank you for your continuing care and commitment to St Philip’s and all who make up our community.