The Reverend Pippa Turner, our Parish Vicar, manages the services and attends the church’s main decision-making body, the elected Parish Church Council.

Parish Church Council

The Parish Church Council is the main decision-making body for St Philip’s. It meets around six times a year. The Council’s Standing Committee also meets around five times a year and acts as a kind of leadership team, taking a strategic look at the major issues facing the church, preparing ahead of Church Council meetings and following up after them.

Standing Committee members are:

  • Pippa Turner
  • Lesley Perry
  • Peter Burney
  • Jamie Mangan
  • Rupert Steele
  • Antonio Aidah
  • Swenja Surminski


Our Church Managers, Laura Sylvester and Sally Bessada, help ensure the church runs smoothly, running the lettings and other administrative work.

Sean Hanford, our caretaker, helps keep the building clean and tidy.

The church depends on the growing number of volunteers who give their time to the church, and we have a growing lay leadership taking responsibility for whole areas of the church’s life.

See Volunteering for more information.


Our Treasurer, Rupert Steele, oversees St. Philip’s expenditure and ensures we have sufficient money to carry out our aims and objectives.

Rupert also provides clear audit trails to our auditor, Roger Sutton & Co., and presents our annual accounts at the Annual General Meeting.

Church Wardens

The Church Wardens – Peter Burney and Jamie Mangan – identify issues, such as church security and building maintenance, and ensure proper procedures are in place and that the general condition of the church is good.