Sunday School ideas whilst we are all at home! There are free downloadable ideas at ROOTS ON THE WEB. See below for some ideas from our own Sunday School leaders

Christian Aid Week activity

Christian Aid week is all about helping. We would like your children to write their messages on the hands (see artwork attached) HERE

It can be a simple message such as 'help' or 'kindness', or a complex one such as “Together we could work to expose poverty throughout the world and to help to end it soon”.

VE Day Colouring activities

Click HERE for union jack bunting and HERE for colouring sheets

Lazarus and the miracle of him being brought to life.

The children observed the plant Rose of Jericho (also called the resurrection Rose) which looked dead, but with a bit of water it was made alive again just within 3 hours.

We talked about Spring and how things in nature change with seasons, and as an example we planted Marigold seeds in the church garden, and we sang a song inspired by this lady:

We planted lots of seed for many children, so if anyone wanted to take away marigolds I will send a reminder in a few weeks when the plants are visible and ready for collection.

All the best, Iwona and the family