New! Sunday4Monday Children's service and storytime

Mondays from 4.45pm to 5.15pm in Church (when permitted) and on Zoom

Get ready for the week ahead with our new Children's service. It will include prayers, stories, crafts, and preparation for the following Sunday's service.

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MONDAY 1 February 2021

Faith journal: where has Jesus shone a light in your faith journey? (See map, shine a torch along it)

Where has Jesus shone a light in the world? ( find a news article, see an atlas).

Where would you like to shine God's light?

MONDAY 25 January 2021 - Conversion of Paul

Saul is on his way from Jerusalem to Damascus to stamp out the infant church. In a moment that changes his life forever, he encounters Christ. He continues his journey to Damascus, but with a very different purpose in mind.

Although few of us will have had a conversion experience as dramatic as Paul's, we can nevertheless identify significant turning points in our lives, and in the life of our faith. Today we read Paul's story, encounter the significant faith turning points in the lives of some other well-known Christian figures and ask ourselves what we can learn from this.

The faith treasure map is the activity for this week. Can you draw a map of your life, and mark special moments when you have felt God was there with you.

CHRISTMAS 2020 DECORATIONS - let the light shine on us!

We would love everyone to help make decorations for Church to celebrate Christmas 2020.

Download the artwork HERE

This colouring page gives a lot of freedom for expression for both adults and children, it can be coloured in a multitude of ways and even could be collaged with paper both patterned or coloured.

We think that we all need a light to shine on us particularly this year!

Returned artwork to church or to the vicarage, 2 Pembroke Road W8 6NT, by Thursday 10th December as the church will be decorated on Saturday 12 December


We would love everyone to help make decorations for Church to celebrate Harvest Festival. The decorations can be done by children (and adults) of all ages and dropped off in the church in the lead up to Harvest. Unfortunately we can’t ask you to help put them up, however we hope you will enjoy looking at them either in person or via Zoom. Download the templates: Poppies HERE and Wheat HERE

Activities for Sunday 6 September 2020

Download ROOTS Sunday resources for 6 September HERE

Download ROOTS SUMMER Sundays resources HERE

Activity for Sunday 2 August 2020

Jesus tells on an impossible event that turned out to be a miracle

Download resources HERE

Activity for Sunday 12 July 2020

Jesus tells the crowds a parable of seed being sown onto different sorts of ground. Later, he explains it to the disciples as an illustration of how different people respond to hearing the word of the kingdom.

Download resources HERE

Sea Sunday activity for Sunday 5 July 2020

Sea Sunday is a special opportunity for us to remember and say prayers for all of the brave men and women who go to work at sea to make sure we have all that we need. These brave men and women are called seafarers and they work in dangerous and lonely conditions, sometimes not seeing their families for months at a time. The Mission to Seafarers is here to support and care for seafarers all over the world.

Colouring sheets HERE

Please return your messages and colourful seafarers to this address:

The Mission to Seafarers, St Michael Paternoster Royal College Hill, London, EC4R 2RL UK

Trinity Sunday activity

Trinity: Three in One and One in Three

What are the symbols of the Holy Trinity? Can you identify the trinity sign? (see artwork attached) HERE

Christian Aid Week activity

Christian Aid week is all about helping. We would like your children to write their messages on the hands (see artwork attached) HERE

It can be a simple message such as 'help' or 'kindness', or a complex one such as “Together we could work to expose poverty throughout the world and to help to end it soon”.

VE Day Colouring activities

Click HERE for union jack bunting and HERE for colouring sheets

Lazarus and the miracle of him being brought to life.

The children observed the plant Rose of Jericho (also called the resurrection Rose) which looked dead, but with a bit of water it was made alive again just within 3 hours.

We talked about Spring and how things in nature change with seasons, and as an example we planted Marigold seeds in the church garden, and we sang a song inspired by this lady:

We planted lots of seed for many children, so if anyone wanted to take away marigolds I will send a reminder in a few weeks when the plants are visible and ready for collection.

All the best, Iwona and the family