New! Monday4Sunday Children's service and storytime

Mondays from 4.45pm to 5.15pm in Church and on Zoom

Get ready for the week ahead with our new Children's service. It will include prayers, stories, crafts, and preparation for the following Sunday's service.

View the recordings here: Monday 19 July service HERE

View the recordings here: Monday 12 July service HERE

View the recordings here: Monday 5 July service HERE

MONDAY4SUNDAY (activity preparing for Sunday 27 June)

The activity is to make a hand that reaches out two ways: on one side are prayers for you (“help me…”) and on the other side, prayers for others (“Help them”) written along the fingers. You can also make a card with an imprint of your hand (don't forget to use washable paint!) to write to someone in need to let you know you are praying for them.

MONDAY4SUNDAY (activity preparing for Sunday 30 May)

Your activity is to make a Mobius strip.

MONDAY4SUNDAY (activity preparing for Sunday 2 May)

Your activity is to make a card and invite a friend to join you at church this Sunday as we celebrate St Philip. See Evonee’s fabulous 3-D card here as a demo for you to try your own!

MONDAY4SUNDAY (activity preparing for Sunday 25 April,)

Craft activity: A chain of stood up sheep with cotton wool and prayers inside.

For the faith journal: A sheep acrosstic! ( HERE)

MONDAY4SUNDAY (activity preparing for Sunday 28 March, Palm Sunday)

Craft activity: Make a palm out of hands! Or make a crown.

For the faith journal: List things to praise God and use new words like Hosanna.

MONDAY4SUNDAY (activity preparing for Sunday 21 March , Lent 5, Passiontide begins)

Craft activity: plant a seed in a pot and decorate it to show Gods seeds of promise in us, and how we are going to grow, as well as how Jesus came out from the dead again as he predicted in John 12. Take care and water your seed to see a beautiful plant spring from it. It all grows out of love, quite literally now!

For the faith journal: how will you water your faith like a small seed, and take care of it?

MONDAY4SUNDAY (activity preparing for Sunday 14 March , Lent 4, Mothering Sunday)

This week's Activities:

Make an origami tulip to give to your Mother or Grandmother or the elderly peoples home as a gift on mother's day! Write a card. Who cares for you and what difficult situations happen in your faith journal.

MONDAY4SUNDAY (activity preparing for Sunday 28 February , Lent 2)

This week's Activities:

Paint a rock as a reminder of God's love and taking up your cross in rocky times! Peter was called the rock after all... Write in your faith journals how you will do something tough and rocky. Draw a heart around a picture of you doing it!

MONDAY4SUNDAY (activity preparing for Sunday 14 February )

This week's Activities:

This week make a surprised WOW face on a paper plate, and write a prayer on the back thanking God for surprise in your life or asking for one. Make an acoustic prayer with the word WOW as another challenge!

MONDAY4SUNDAY (activity preparing for Sunday 7 February)

This week's Activities:

- Make a blanket fort (Jesus "pitched his tent" among us)

- Read John 1: 1-14: what words stand out? Write them in your Faith Journal

-Draw a candle or a flame and write in it things where you would like to see light shine in darkness.

- Make a collage of dark into light colours from materials of your choice (see sample in photo).

MONDAY 1 February 2021

Faith journal: where has Jesus shone a light in your faith journey? (See map, shine a torch along it)

Where has Jesus shone a light in the world? ( find a news article, see an atlas).

Where would you like to shine God's light?

MONDAY 25 January 2021 - Conversion of Paul

Saul is on his way from Jerusalem to Damascus to stamp out the infant church. In a moment that changes his life forever, he encounters Christ. He continues his journey to Damascus, but with a very different purpose in mind.

Although few of us will have had a conversion experience as dramatic as Paul's, we can nevertheless identify significant turning points in our lives, and in the life of our faith. Today we read Paul's story, encounter the significant faith turning points in the lives of some other well-known Christian figures and ask ourselves what we can learn from this.

The faith treasure map is the activity for this week. Can you draw a map of your life, and mark special moments when you have felt God was there with you.